Feel free to add ideas for Earth Day...

Ideas for Inside:
Choir sings "Earth Song" and maybe "Heal The World" for the school
Watch "Earth" (Disney)

Wash windows

Window Art

Ideas for Outside:
By enrichment classes: Clean up courtyards
Pick up trash
Build bird houses (kits?) and put up outside
Each grade plant a tree/flowers

S. Belleau's science classes (hours 1,2,3,5) will sign up for various activities outside to work on beautification with volunteer supervision (ideas on activities, such as raking, moving rocks, pulling weeds, digging up bushes, etc.). Still working on ideas for in my classroom for those few that do not like to get dirty:) I have been in contact with Mrs. Mercer and she is getting back to me by Wednesday with further plans.

G. Stevens's 4th hour class will be outside to assist in cleaning up the courtyard, picking up trash and plant flowers.

PTSO volunteer roles:
Bake Sale with the "Come Grow with Us" Theme (for 5th grade orientation)
Kapcia making flower cookies for PTSO to sell during the orientation evening.

Green Team: Making rain barrels to sell at Strawberry Festival

Jordan- will help clean up courtyards during Enrichment. What about the ducks??

Use dry erase markers to write welcoming messages on various materials rather than using paper.