Bring your own drink (BYOD). Please add what you would like to bring:

Paper Products
  • Stacey: Paper Plates
  • Kevin: Napkins & cups
Maliya: Plastic Ware

We are going with Pizza. If anyone is not plan on bringing a dish, please chip in for the cost of pizza. Who wants to organize this? Jeff

Amy: Jets delivers. Jets Menu - unless there's another preference?
I like Jet's without sauce, especially with pepperoni, green pepper, and tomatoes or turbo bread - Reggie
How many people are interested?
Topping suggestions: meat for me please Carey and Vegetarian for me please -Jessica
Anybody like pineapple on a thick crust? I like ham, bacon & pineapple...anyone else?? but honestly it doesn't matter!-Angela
Crust preferences: hand tossed
Other desired menu items:

Once we get enough input, we can put together an order and add/delete via our wiki and figure how much it'll cost! Forget camping; pizza is better! Input deadline: Wednesday?
How Much $ do you want and where do I send it? Carey, Bonnie, Alison

Side Dishes
  • Michelle: Garden Salad and Dressings
  • Cindy J- Brownies
  • Amy- Cookies
. Steph F- Sweets

I normally love this sort of thing, but no time for me to bring something and I am serious with no time this week - I would rather pay to have something ordered in?? Anyone else? Stacey
-MBH--I am up for anything..
-Doesn't matter to me either -Carey
Pizza is always a treat!-Amy
I don't care either! Maliya
Thick crust, any toppings Fred
I may have to run out of the building for a few minutes during this time. If I attend the dinner, I'll be chipping in for pizza. -Stoj
I'm looking forward to the pizza from Jets. I like veggie toppings. Let me know what the cost will be. -Koebbe

I need to run home for dinner - I will not be here. - Kathy

I have conferences over at North in the evening and will be traveling there. -Jenifer

Let's just do pizza-Jessica

Pizza sounds good-Angela

Pizza sounds good to me-Gary

I will need to be on my own for dinner. Sorry! Paul Me too.- Erin

I'm open.- Shannon
I will with pizza, jt
Pizza sounds good to me --Kristine