One of our goals is for staff to have an opportunity to add agenda items they wish to discuss at meetings. Although some meetings will allow more time for additional agenda items than others, if all agenda items are not addressed we will move that item to a future agenda depending on the time sensitive nature of the topic. Updating the wiki prior to our meetings will provide for a more collaborative agenda and meetings in general.

Once you click on edit, the page allows changes/additions like in Word. Please make any additions you would like to see added to the agenda for Wednesday and be sure to click save after you make the changes. All of us will be able to view the Agenda in real time

The next several meetings will be focused around the topic of Building Relationships. This topic is a School Improvement Goal and a criticial component to increasing student achievement, particularly African Amnerican and students of poverty, both of which are targeted subgroups in our plan.

Agenda for 1/6/10
  • SMS Staff and Student Connection Activity (NMS reported that it took them 25 minutes to complete this activity)