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The 'Shrunk Answer Key' template solved a major problem with the scanning of the answer sheets into class A but has presented a new smaller problem. When correcting 'mult' items or 'blank' items, the sheet appears to begin shifting downward at question 17 or so. What i mean is that when you click on question 17 to edit the answer, the visual at the bottom shows question 16 and the highlighted area appears to shift upward. This doesnt appear to affect answers automatically scored but you have to scroll down to see what the student has shaded in as the answer. Very small problem considering the large problem the 'shrunk answer key' fixed. We still need a solution to this and my guess is that we might need to fix the original template and reset the defaults on both machines and printers somehow. I haven't had the time to explore this further but if anyone can add to this it would be greatly appreciated.