Collaborative Agenda for 3/24/10 Title 1 Team Meeting 7:21 in the Media Center:

Review the portion in the Title 1 Plan that pertains to your group (See specifics on the email from 3/22/10) :

a. Parent Involvement: Parent Perception Data and Survey, Strategies to Increase Parent Involvement, Transition Strategies, and Use of Community Resources and Volunteers

b. School Improvement: Comprehensive Needs Assessment—Update all data, departmental and Schoolwide goals, Instruction by HQ Staff, Professional Development, Resources, Curriculum Alignment

c. Intervention and PBS Teams: Timely and additional Assistance for students having difficulty mastering the standards

d. Technology: Methods for Effective use of Technology and District Technology Plan (on VBPS website), Role of Adult and Community Education, and On the Job Learning

e. All departments: School wide reform strategies and Teacher Participation in Making Assessment Decisions (At department meeting 4/14/10)

f. School Improvement and Title 1 Teams will meet in the near future to compile information from all groups, evaluate the current plan and make any additions and/or changes to our plan for next year. The goal will be to have this completed before the end of the school year.

  • Start off together in the Media Center at 7:21
  • PTSO info update
  • Printer Networking Update